a letter to the man who broke my heart

​To you,

This is a letter I never wanted to write on someone. You see, I already ran out of emotions. I dont know what to feel, and this unknown feeling is turning into words, words that should be heard.

I know youre lying. Not just a lie you told me, but a lie you continuously told yourself.

All the words of care and appreciation, all the words of encouragement and support, were cancelled out the second you put me down. None of the good things were real because in the same manner you made me feel, you also told me it was nothing. And the later remains on my mind. An oxymoron, indeed. Because it is true that you can’t love someone and destroy them . It is not a possibility. It does not exist. But you proved it.

I accept all the pain in life but love is not one of them. Love should pave a way to happiness, only. And by healing, I am battling the pain and face the harsh truth.

Maybe I am angry. You allowed me to a path I am most comfortable with.
I am angry because I was blinded by hope and love; you and others gave me, of what we could be.

I am angry because you didn’t know for yourself what you truly feel. That you love me- because that would be the greatest lie in your life.

Im angry because it is real. It is happening. And I couldn’t do anything but to accept it.

Most importantly, you know what I really feel for you. And that what matters most.


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