Cheap Adventures in Zambales

“White sand, tall pines in the beach front, sunset, camp-out and bonfire.”

Those are just a few things that you would expect from Anawangin and Nagsasa cove.

Getting there was hard. From Baguio, it took us several rides just to get to San Antonio-a jump-off to those breath-taking scenes. 

People who are not fans of swimming in the ocean will love to jump in the coves since the water current is not that strong.

Ofcourse everyone is insisting to go there (yes, for us first-timers), considering that the beach isn’t overcrowded yet and some islands are still “virgin” (like me!✌)

The group decided to stay for 2 days. We believed that 1 day trip is unsatisfying.


Anawangin and Nagsasa Cove

From Pundaquit, San Antonio, we rented a boat going to the two coves. It costs P4,500 for a group of 8 involving the 2-day trip. It is inclusive of kitchen utensils, coal, and a cooler.

   Kuya Jomar – 09082363665

First stop is Anawangin. We only hiked at the top of the hill just to see the entirety of the cove, then visited the line of pine trees and decided to leave the cove early for Nagsasa to have our lunch. There are no accessible stores nearby, so I suggest to bring packed food with you or go to San Antonio market early on to buy food. 

Next is Nagsasa. After we had our lunch at 2pm, we set-up our camping gears: raised our tents, settled our things and bought firewood. Afterwards, we rented a volleyball to play with. It was really a good place for bonding, especially there is no cellphone signal anywhere. So person-gadget interaction is not seen all throughout; just cooking, laughing, talking, playing and swimming together. Indeed, an unforgettable experience.

Not minding the time, it was already sunset. Time for bonfire!


Nagsasa Falls and Capones Island

Your Nagsasa trip would not be complete without submerging into the cold waters of Nagsasa falls or jump down from its cliff. Cold because, the sunlight does not touch the water all year! 

It is a series of 2 to 3 waterfalls that is continuously flowing best from July to November. We went there this January, where the flow is just enough, but we are still able to see the fishes swimming with us.

Nagsasa falls is a 1 hour trek from the shore. You would walk through a grassy to rocky terrain before you will able to see this beaut.

Capones island

It is a 1 and a half boat ride from Nagsasa cove. But the long travel is worth the wait! It can be comparable to Puka beach of Boracay by its torquoise-colored water. The shore covered with fine white pebble sand.

We’re lucky enough to visit this “virgin” place. Kuya Jomar told us that the island will be closed starting January 15, 2017 because the local government will be establishing the island with recreations conducive for vacationists.

We left the island at 5pm. Some of us went back to Baguio while some went home to their respective provinces.

The whole trip was tiring, risky but undeniably FUN!
Contributors: Carissé and Amira


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