Earth Benders

The easiest way to stay on trend is to mix and match colors, and the earth tones are definitely one that we are trying to embrace.

Earth tones are a scheme that consists of greys, browns, tans, pantone red (Marsala), and even some shades of blue (navy blue). These are inspired by what we see in nature – minerals, moss, soil etc.

While many of us still rocking the basic style, the earthy color palette can certainly be an everyday wear we can do. Not unlike the basic black and white, it seems fashionable, fresh and natural, and can vary depending on how you style it.

Adding texture by mixing and matching pieces with knits, denim or leather will emphasize it. One great thing about this color scheme is that it does not only compliment all types of skin tone, but its colors can lend itself into a variety of settings for you to easily put accessories on like scarf, sunnies, hats etc.

Moreover, earth tones show a natural progression of style and management of the color. The coordination of similar tones matching the prints, texture, pattern has been clearly expressed in this trend. So it is not that hard to pull off this kind of style. Just an important point is that how this scheme fits you in all areas of fashion.

Contributor: Jayvee (@jvjayvee)

Additional photos:


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