Having doubts in med school?

During undergrad, some people had doubted on me in choosing med school as a career path. They normally say that spending my 20s in med school is a waste of youth. My determination grew increasingly dismal. It feels like such commitment makes me so unsure anymore if this is what I want or what my parents wanted for me. I become scared of responsibility and stress, however, I am also scared in regretting the choice I would make. I even started to imagine of what I would rather do if I did not opt to go to med school, and I’ve always loved writing and arts maybe I could get myself into a writing or any arts program. Others could travel, start careers, get married and build a family. But I chose this path this is what my heart says. 
At first, I wanted to quit Med school.

If you would ask me of what I am thinking, yes, I am feeling an overwhelming doubt and is this really what I want for the next five or six years? But I have also this ultimate feeling that this is for me, that I only just refused to believe that this doubtfulness is true. The latter prevailed.

Still, my spirit protested. I always wanted to give uo. Ny heart was absolutely empty of motivation. Despite the flurry of revision-related, extra-curricular activities around me at medical school, and my transes remained remained neglected, still I go to school! Sitting in classes I cannot concentrate, instead, sleeping – if it wouldn’t for the exams I am not coming to class. I could just study one day(or night) prior to the exam! I dont know but I am still coming to class, maybe my mind and heart combined pushes me to attend class! That’s why I am still here.

Here’s a mind tip: keep on telling yourself “YOU CAN GET THAT MD!” many times until true. You are not alone in this journey. Take with you the words and trust that the people around you gave you.

Never give up on something you really want. It’s difficult to wait, but worse to regret.



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