The 300-peso Baguio night market ukay challenge

Who pulled off the most stylish yet budget-friendly look? Dan, Jasmine or Jayvee?

If you would ask me about Baguio, night market is the first thing that comes up to my mind. It is something that people look forward to- the food and the massive low-priced flea markets or the term known as ukay-ukay or wagwagan. They say it takes a lot of patience and tiring to stroll on thrift shops but it’s totally fun.

I challenged my two friends; Jasmine and Jayvee in an ukay challenge with a maximum budget of 300PHP. Place your bets now!

DAN, 20

I can say that I am an ukay expert so the 300-peso maximum budget was not a hard task to do. But since I would normally visit night market, I memorized the perfect stalls for my favorite merchandise. I could actually soend more than the said amount whenever I go “shopping”. Moreover, I only spent 180 pesos for two outfits. I scored a printed knit for only P50, a leather jacket for P50 and a scarf that costs 40pesos. The next piece I bought was my favorite, a gray pullover from H&M for only 40 pesos.

Here’s a tip on picking the best clothes on the racks- bring a flashlight to observe minimal damages or details of the piece you’re gonna buy. You don’t want your orange piece to be pink when exposed to white light or miss a critical run on your knitted pullover.

Gray knitted pullover – P40 (H&M)

Brown leather jacket – P50

Printed long sleeves – P50

White Scarf – P40


Having spent six years in Baguio City where thrift shops are everywhere, thrift-shopping is not new to me. It has been a stress-reliever since college given the fact that I don’t have to spend too much (hence, less guilt) to go on a retail therapy. The thrill of finding one-of-a-kind and even branded clothing items after going through all the racks one by one for a very cheap price is what got me hooked.

When I was challenged by my friend, Dan, to do the 300-peso ukay challenge where we were tasked to create a look within the budget of P300, I didn’t find it as a daunting task. I was able to score a white turtleneck pullover for P25, a striped cropped denim jacket for P50, and a pair of black leather combat boots for only P220. I still have P5 left from my budget to buy isaw. 😋

If you haven’t tried searching through the racks of thrift stores for hidden gems yet, you sure are missing a lot!

Combat boots – P220

Denim jacket – P50

White turtle neck – P 25 (Forever 21)


I’m not from Baguio City but thrift shops are not new for me. As a student, I know how the “tipid tips of a estudyante” works, especially for their outfit dilemmas. I’m from Los Baños, Laguna (8-9hrs away from the City of Pines) and I can say that LB ukay-ukay’s are not far different from Baguio’s except that it is way cheaper, plus you shop with its inviting & cold weather 🙂

When Dan asked me about the challenge, I accepted it without a doubt. Surely, it will be a no-sweat kind-of-challenge (literally and figuratively haha).

Everytime I go to Baguio, I make sure that I always go home with at least one turtle neck top. Luckily this time, I found a dark blue Uniqlo turtle neck pullover worth 30 pesos! The next piece I bought was a fringy GAP scarf for only 30 pesos. I know it’s kind of OA to mix the scarf with a turtle neck pullov but I really love to step out of the box and make sure that it’s still a trendy thing. So the last thing I considered of buying was a leather jacket which gave me a hard time because most leather jackets will cost you 300pesos. But in this challenge I need to be extra patient so I can find that lucky piece 🙂 After several stores, I found this brown leather jacket costing 50pesos, and this completes my ootd! Now that my challenge is done, I still have more than half of the allotted money which can be used for other days of, maybe, thrift-shopping, again? 😁😁😁

Plaid scarf – P30 (Gap)

Turtle neck – P30 (Uniqlo)

Leather jacket – P50

Additional photos

Dockers shoes – P200

Aztec scarf – P40


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