Reasons why you should travel noooow!

“At your early twenties, you would regret the things you did not do than the ones you did do. That’s true!”


      At 20, I admit that i dont know everything yet about the world. I’ve been to 15 out of 81 provinces in the Philippines since I started traveling this year (2016). Based on what I had experienced, I recommend every one of you to get out of your houses and see what’s out there waiting.

Here are some reasons why you should travel now!

1. Because you’re still alive and kicking.
~   Unfortunately, not all old folks can experience the adventures and thrills of traveling as a young adult. Knee-tingling outdoor activities such as long walks, cliff dives, steepy mountain hikes and the other things you cannot do when you’re older. Plus, the geographically challenging world you are about to explore are not equipped with the luxury of easy rides, escalators and time machines.


     I don’t believe that you can only travel when you’re settled, built own lives and have more time. It’s the passion that drives you to do it, that’s why I am reccommending you to start traveling now. I’m not saying that you cannot enjoy traveling when you’re older, it is just when you (did not) reach your forties or sixties, you will have no what ifs and regrets.

2. It changes the way you appreciate and relate to the world
~   When you got to see the beautiful waves of the beaches, sunsets over the seas, the sound of nature, the vertical beauty of waterfalls, you only realize the beauty of the world that you are able to experience in your lifetime.


      If you did not see those at your young age, you have a lesser desire to venture out, and you talk less about your kabataan (youth) to your children.
      Im telling you this now so that you would realize that you will miss a lot. Start now and make efforts into making time to travel. It’s life changing, it’s worth it.

3. It changes the way you interact.
~     Basically, I grew up in the province with the same people I used to see everyday. When I traveled, I learned about different cultures. I realized that if I meet new people who acted totally different than I do, it could enrich my life. Maybe they act outside my comfort zone, but were exactly what I need.
       I remember when we hiked to Mt. Ulap (Itogon, Benguet) and we joined the other group so we will pay only for one guide. Reveal your feeling close attitude now! Speaking of feeling close, I got to hitch a ride in a vegetable truck from barangay Ampucao to the city of Baguio and that’s one hella unforgettable experience. This taught us the importance of communication skills.


4. It drives you to become more INDEPENDENT.
~    Traveling, in your young adult age, is a lot different than your usual high school outing/getaways. First thing, you won’t have to follow wherever they’ll go and secondly, you now make the plans and big decisions on your own.
       Another street-smart skill that will be developed is Budgeting. It will teach you how to be a frugal and money-conscious wanderer. Moreover, it teaches you how to be a pro, when it comes to barging in at pasok-sa-budget market place.

5. Lesser hold backs.
~    Adulting is a responsibility. You will have a bulk of things to look after such as your bills, your children and your assets. In short, it would be harder for you to drop them and get yourself a plane ticket to Cebu or in El Nido. However, when you’re young, there are few instances to hold you back (maybe you’re broke af) in enjoying a whole lot of experience.

6. Lower rates!
~   20% student discount! You wouldn’t want to wait for your senior citizen advantages, won’t you? Lots of museums and amusements offer free entrance to some students for them to pleasure in.

7. Indulge on exotic food you might encounter.
~    Faster rate of metabolism helps young adults to cope with different kinds of food that enter your mouth without gaining much weight that the old folks suffer. Hahaha.



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